1. What is a 3D Tour or Matterport Space?
    A Matterport Space, or 3D Tour, is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there.

  2. Q: What do I need to view tours?
    There is no special software required to view your tour.  The most recent versions of Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are all compatible.  You can even view your tours on your Android (5.0 or later) or Apple devices - or a Virtual Reality (VR) headset!  

  3. Q: Will your photographer stage the area prior to shooting?
    A: No.  Please ensure that the property is neat and ready prior to your appointment. Put away anything that you wouldn’t want to see in your 3D Tour. We want your final project to be as presentable and professional as possible!  The photographer may open and close blinds as needed as well as turn on and off lights. Moving objects will distort the images; turn off ceiling fans or other items that move. Pets should be removed.  Extreme heat, humidity or cold will damage our equipment; please leave on AC or heat prior to photographer arriving.

  4. Q: Do you shoot closets and bathrooms and laundry rooms?
    A: Bathrooms and Laundry rooms typically yes, unless too small. We generally do not shoot inside closets unless it is large walk-in closet, approx 100sf or more, or if specifically requested.

  5. Q: Our home is on lock box - can you get in?
    A: Yes!  We are members of LBAR and Northern KY MLS. We can lock up after the shoot.

  6. Q: Do you offer volume discounts?
    A: Yes. - please contact us.

  7. Q: How long a does a shoot take?
    A: Typically 45 minutes to 1.5hrs per 1,000 sq ft. Much depends on the layout, furniture, number of floors etc. We prefer to estimate jobs at 1.5hrs per 1,000sf.

  8. Q: Do you shoot exteriors such as the backyard or pool areas?
    A: Yes and No. The Infrared technology behind Matterport doesn't allow for shoots outdoors in direct sunlight. Depending on lighting conditions we do know a few tricks that "may" allow us some success in shooting outdoor spaces. We can also shoot 360 outdoor spaces which are not part of the Matterport model and viewable in highlight reel.  See "pricing".

  9. Q: Can I host the tour on my company's website?
    A: No. Hosting is held exclusively on the Matterport servers. We give you up to 6 months of hosting (12 months for non-residential.  We can extend hosting after six months; call for quote.

  10. Q: What if I do not like the Matterport Tour?
    A: Repeat business and referrals are the heart of our business - we will make every effort to provide you with a top notch 3D Tour.   See below Pro's and Cons to better understand what to expect.

  11. Q: Can you edit the tours?
    A: There is limitation to what we can edit after a tour is created. We can delete scans if needed; however that may cause blackened areas on your tour. We cannot edit, or add/remove items from the actual imagery itself.  It is not possible to "Photoshop".

  12. Q: Will you shoot the garage or work shed?
    A: Yes and No. We typically scan the "livable" area of the home which is the square footage the home is based on. This is also the "billable" square footage we base our fees from. Any extras such as patio's attached garages etc. are considered as extras - please see "pricing".

All technology comes with its own strengths and weaknesses - 3D Tour technology, powered by Matterport, is no different.

Although the pro's far outweigh the cons, we want to make you aware of these things:


  • Our 3D Tours, powered by Matterport, will set you aside from the competition and gives you an edge by leveraging the latest breakthroughs in computational photography.

  • Extremely fluid virtual step by step walkthrough experience. This is made possible by the large number property scans - from 50-400.

  • Photo-realistic 3D Dollhouse View - this is what sets Matterport technology aside from all other virtual tours. Zoom out and view your home as if it was a little dollhouse. Interact by rotating, zooming in and out and view each floor separately or all.

  • Photo-realistic 3D Floor plan View. View the home as if an Architect presented it.

  • Ability to purchase printable floor plans which show interior walls and room dimensions.  See "pricing".

  • The Photography technology of the 3D Matterport is accurate to within inches.

  • Auto HDR and white balance to optimize interior shoots - darker rooms show up brighter.

  • Annotate notes on the model for others to see. Useful when doing remodels or in sharing ideas with others.

  • Capture and download unlimited stills from any scan - size 1920 x 1080 pixels (approx 100-200KB) suitable for MLS. See "pricing"

  • Tours viewable from mobile devices.

  • Tag key features with annotative tags.  Up to five free; see "pricing".

  • Easy to use!  Branded or unbranded links meets MLS criteria - just copy the link.  Embed code is also provided for inserting into website.

  • Non-residential structures can be linked to Google Street View (see "pricing").

  • Add a Benchmark Bundle and download into third party programs - for all construction related professionals.  See "pricing".

  • Users spend 3x Longer on listing pages that include a 3D Tour powered by Matterport


  • IR sensors doesn't allow for shooting in direct sunlight as the camera is optimized for interior shooting only.

  • Windows without shades or blinds may display as overexposed.

  • Due to camera design and lens placement some parallax will occur generally closer to the camera resulting in broken edges or lines.

  • Unable to edit images or scans.

  • Because every scan is tethered to the one before it camera reflections may show on mirrors and glass. Removing scans directly in front of a refection can be done afterwards however the flow of the walkthrough may be disjointed or difficult to navigate.

  • Limit to approx.10,000sf depending on property layout (there are exceptions).

  • Cannot include detached garage or other detached structures - these would require separate model.

  • Electrical interference may cause connection issues and delay turn time.