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The Team

Who We Are

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We are
Benchmark Media Solutions

It's a family business!

This picture is what we look like after measuring a large Kentucky estate:  a little sweaty but absolutely giddy for a job well done!


We are a team, in business and in life!   Benchmark Media Solutions was created by momma Mary in 2017.  It wasn't long until son Charles and daughter Julia came aboard.  We have our own individual talents and skills, but united we are unparalleled!


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Charles Landsberg

Tech Guru

Charles is our resident bug/glitch hunter and destroyer.  This is a paramount skillset in a tech driven business.  His super keen observation skills while on site create a more streamline post-production process.  Sort of like a tech psychic, he sees things, well, that haven't happened yet.  His ability to predict techy issues allow us to make proper modifications - in essence, changing the future! (insert dramatic music)

In addition to tech guru, hunter, destroyer, and resident psychic, Charles is a dedicated husband and father.  He holds an appraiser trainee license and FAA drone pilot license.  Add that to his expert crazy-good Matterport photography skills - Charles has set the bar high!  He is also very serious about steak seasoning and spiffy shirts.  His picture is posted under "teamwork" in most dictionaries (well, only the good ones).


Julia Kurazono

Solution Engineer

Julia is our resident solution engineer.  She is a proud graduate from UK School of Law and knows a thing or two about research and problem solving.  Her logical "Spock-like" approach to most things make her fearless as she is able to visualize and implement the simplest of solutions while others tend to complicate.  Her confidence in a successful end result is contagious - she is an immeasurable asset to our team!

 Although Julia thrives on logic, her creative talents are like no other.  She is able to see and showcase colors, lights or even simple lines with originality and beauty - she is truly a gifted natural born artist and photographer.

Julia is a perpetual pioneer, and language is just another means of exploration.  She speaks French and Korean (self-taught) and is learning Japanese with help from her husband, a Tokyo native.  In addition to receiving her Juris Doctorate in Law, Julia holds an appraiser trainee license, and has recently become a mother.


Mary Landsberg


Some people just do.  They jump in, full force.  That is Mary.  She is a perpetual student and unstoppable entrepreneur.  With over twenty years of appraising, Mary decided in 2017 to shift her talents into a more creative outlet and started Benchmark Media Solutions.  She embraces the future of technological advances in photography and general media form as she continues to improve and develop her craft.

In addition to being a certified appraiser, photographer, and Matterport provider, Mary is very proud to be a VA compliance inspector.  She is a dedicated wife of over thirty years, mother to three, and granny to four. 


Mary is very active in animal rescue and couldn't even begin to calculate how many animals she has rescued throughout her lifetime.  If you see her hanging out near a drainage pipe, hiding in shrubbery, or running down the road with a dog biscuit in her hand, don't worry.... she's a professional.

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